Education and culture don’t stop racism

Book Review

I’ve been following how the media and folks on twitter are talking about the racist high school kids harassing the Native American group this weekend. I saw this from @EmilyGorcenski and it reminded me of a book I recently read for a German conversation class I’m taking.

She’s referencing someone else saying that going to college will help fix those kids’ racism.

The passage it reminded me of is from the book Am Beispiel meines Bruders by Uwe Timm (title for English edition: In my brother’s shadow). It’s a personal story about his brother and father who fought as Nazi’s in WW2. This passage is talking about his brother who was part of the SS in the Soviet Union.

Netflix and Facebook compare your email address for ads

Privacy and Security

So there I was, browsing Netflix on my TV for like ever since nothing looked good. I gave up eventually and picked up my phone to browse something else for like ever. I ended up in Facebook and right away noticed a Netflix ad for one of the shows where I had lingered on the description long enough to remember that I had read it.

I glared at the TV where I had been browsing Netflix, then glared back at my phone. I grimaced, but decided it was just a coincidence because it was one of the new shows Netflix was really pushing hard right then.

The next day.

Accessibility of this blog

Blog Meta

I’m just getting this blog all setup today and noticed really quickly that the theme I’m using is missing some basic accessibility features. For example, the blog header doesn’t insert the alt text I have set in the meta data for the WordPress media object.

Having found that in the first place I looked probably means there are a bunch of other problems too. I tried to fix it really quick but my WordPress PHP skills weren’t good enough so I’ll have to revisit this. I’ll post some updates as I work on it and try to submit the fixes upstream to the theme maintainers.

You can see here that it doesn’t even try right now: