Dismantling White Supremacy


I feel numb and helpless. These mass shootings are a symptom of the USA being founded on white supremacy, and by all appearances we are doubling down on this founding principal. We elected this president. We’re allowing these ideas to survive. We’re doing this.

What can we do to stop this? What can I do? I have no idea. After every shooting, every tragedy, every new racist policy from our governments, local and national, we get a slew of posts just like this lamenting our impotence. Then the news fades. We move on. Whiteness protects itself. Always.

I’m pretty sure I’m just writing this now to make myself feel better so I can move on too. There is plenty of hypocrisy in this post, but I’m just someone trying to improve. That’s sad and embarrassing for me, but I hope maybe I can nudge someone else down a path of learning that helps. Maybe just a little.