Blog year in review

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OK, you caught me… I’m just writing this so I can post something in December and have a more complete blogging year. Sometimes filler posts can be excellent because there are no expectations! Not this time. Sorry.

Anyway, I wanted to post something each month this year, which I didn’t quite accomplish, but I did post more than 12 times, so that kind of counts. My real goal was to be more open and sharing of myself with friends and loved ones and to scratch a little creative itch. I think I definitely succeeded at those goals despite having much more I wanted to do.

Accessibility of this blog

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I’m just getting this blog all setup today and noticed really quickly that the theme I’m using is missing some basic accessibility features. For example, the blog header doesn’t insert the alt text I have set in the meta data for the WordPress media object.

Having found that in the first place I looked probably means there are a bunch of other problems too. I tried to fix it really quick but my WordPress PHP skills weren’t good enough so I’ll have to revisit this. I’ll post some updates as I work on it and try to submit the fixes upstream to the theme maintainers.

You can see here that it doesn’t even try right now: